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The Centre of Best Practice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention (CBPATSISP) aims to highlight best practice in order to support communities to further develop their programs and services. Towards this aim, the Centre will provide a clearing house of best practice programs and services in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide prevention.

A collection of good initiatives supports the sharing of our knowledge. Information on your program or service will help others developing programs and services to identify successful approaches and to learn from your experience.

Submissions will be assessed by an expert panel. After successful review, your program or service will be listed on our website as a model of best practice. The Best Practice Program or Service Submission Template below is intended to provide relevant information to assess and describe your program or service.

Program Categories eligible for review by CBPATSISP

The CBPATSISP will assess two categories of best practice programs and services. These are:

  1. Programs or services that have been evaluated formally, both internally and externally, by an external evaluator.
  2. Informally (internally) evaluated programs and services.

Principles Informing Best Practice

The CBPATSISP principles that inform best practice are concerned with strengthening Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing. They are culturally based, community driven and recognise the need the for self-determination. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Evaluation Project (ATSISPEP) research found that successful programs and services contained the following characteristics. The principles are key Aboriginal indicators of program and service quality and are further specified below.

Principles: Cultural and Community Focus

Programs and services

  • Are concerned with reconnection and community life
  • Are concerned with restoration and community resilience
  • Are a means of empowering people to regain a sense of control and mastery over their lives
  • Have a focus on social and emotional wellbeing and mental health promotion, rather than solely focusing on mental illness and suicide
  • Have a focus on recovery and healing from stress and trauma
  • Reflect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander understandings of health, mental health and suicidal behaviours

Principles: Strengthening Indigenous Governance

Programs and services

  • Have strategies that are Indigenous-led, family focused, culturally responsive, and context specific
  • Are concerned with self-determination and community governance
  • Include activities that use culturally responsive techniques and methods and processes
  • Use interdisciplinary approaches that provide outreach services
  • Value and enact partnerships with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services facilitate ownership and involvement from local communities
  • Involve Indigenous people in all stages of consultation, negotiation and decision-making processes to establish community ownership of suicide prevention activities and other initiatives

Principles: Cultural Respect

Programs and services

  • Recognise and harness the broad range of skills and expertise of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to improve health and wellbeing and reduce suicidal behaviours
  • Ensure that organisations and staff are culturally competent and that services are developed and delivered in culturally safe and responsive manner
  • Detailed information about this is available on our website here

Review Process


  1. Provide a comprehensive review of programs or services that have been evaluated formally.
  2. Support organisations or groups to provide information to be evaluated.

Review Criteria

The submission form asks for relevant information based on which each program will be evaluated.

Expert reviewers will rate each program or service on a 4-point scale based on how well criteria are met. (0 = not at all; 1= minimal, 2 = moderate 3= strong). Reviewers will also provide qualitative comments.

Reviewers will assess how well the program or service is based on the principles informing best practice and the quality of the evaluation.

For more information, please visit our Indicators Page

Expert Reviewers

Reviewers will complete a confidentiality agreement and conflict of interest declaration.

How to Submit

Complete the submission form via the online platform. To register your interest, fill in the below form.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much time will it take to complete the form?
    • Approximately 60-120 minutes
  • How can I reach the Centre of Best Practice?

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