Starting a Suicide Prevention Activity – A Decision Tool

(Based on the ATSISPEP report: Solutions that work – What the evidence and our people tell us)

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Is there unmet need for suicide prevention activity in this community?

What are the suicide prevention needs?

  • Have there been suicides, suicide attempts or self-harm?
  • Is there mental illness such as depression, or widespread drug and alcohol issues?
  • Are there higher risk groups such as young people, LGBTQI people?

Are you sure the community wants suicide prevention activity?

  • How do you know?
  • Is there a community organisation that can give a consensus view?

Are there already services in place?

  • What does the community think of them?
  • Are they culturally appropriate and responsive to local people?
  • Could they be improved without starting something new?

Considering these questions, are you confident there is a strong unmet need for suicide prevention in this community?

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