Judith Lovegrove is a Ngarrindjeri woman from South Australia and resides in Adelaide. She is currently the Metropolitan Senior Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) Worker for SA Government’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, and provides cultural and supervisory support to Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal clinicians within the service.

Having qualifications in leadership, management, counselling and psychology, her vocational experience includes being a therapist, family practitioner, vocational trainer, and managing a Registered Training Organisation – she has devoted her life to educating and inspiring the SEWB workforce. Judith continues her work to improving mental health literacy and responding appropriately to mental health problems and suicidal risk. Judith identifies as being intrinsically motivated in her work – doing her best, not for rewards or acknowledgement, but because it is fulfilling to see outcomes for her people. In the SEWB space, she aspires to continue to be a strong advocate for positive change in improving and empowering individuals to best address mental health and SEWB problems.