Jacob was raised in the small town of Broome and is a proud descendant of the Yawuru and Nyul-Nyul tribes of the Kimberley region. Jacob is the Male Youth Representative for the West Kimberley and has been a strong youth Advocate since being elected by his peers to voice the 2017 Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Forum report and recommendations.

Since then he has been trained to deliver a range of programs surrounding health and wellbeing to local service providers and community members through his position at the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Service in the Social and Emotional Wellbeing unit. His proudest achievement so far is taking the opportunity to coordinate two Empowerment and Leadership forums in the West and East Kimberley with the aim of amplifying the voice of his peers and highlighting the strengths and resilience that we know already exist.

Jacob is passionate about improving health and creating opportunities for young people in the Kimberley region. He strongly believes that our stories need to be told and our voices need to be heard so we can all work together to shape a positive future for the next generation. When he is not advocating for youth mental health, Jacob enjoys being out of town soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh air along the beautiful coastline of the Kimberley, learning about history and culture, shooting some hoops and going fishing at any opportunity.