Clinical Services

Aboriginal Interpreting Western Australia (AIWA)

Studies show that poor communication between healthcare providers and clients can have major adverse consequences on health, mental health and wellbeing outcomes. High-quality intercultural communication is a core component of effective, culturally secure service delivery. improved intercultural communication can be achieved through the use of professional interpreters, to relay information to increase health literacy and the uptake of health care, and improved clinical outcomes and satisfaction with care.

Aboriginal Interpreting Western Australia Aboriginal Corporation (AIWA) has over 100 qualified, accredited interpreters covering more than 40 Aboriginal languages in WA – engagements with interpreter services enhances clinical services. AIWA Brochure

Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service (SAMHS) Metropolitan

The Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service (SAMHS) Metropolitan supports both Aboriginal consumers and carers in accessing mainstream mental health services, and in better meeting the needs of Aboriginal people.

Located at De Grey House, Graylands Health Campus, SAMHS Metropolitan provides state-wide consultation/liaison with service providers and the community; advocacy for Aboriginal consumers; and operates as a peak body for Aboriginal mental health professionals. SAMHS Metropolitan operates with cultural integrity using strategies to include brokering of elders, and traditional healers to participate in particular clinical cases.

SAMHS Metropolitan is an adult mental health service that provides a ‘whole of family’ approach to service delivery.

Contact: Michael Mitchell, Program Manager, Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service Metropolitan
Phone: 08 9235 2400