Indigenous Governance Framework

The Centre for Best Practice in Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention has developed an Indigenous Governance Framework in partnership with the LifeSpan Program within the Black Dog Institute, funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. The framework provides an in-depth discussion of the principles and importance of Indigenous governance in the context of developing, implementing and evaluating suicide prevention programs and services.

This is the second Guide undertaken in partnership with the Black Dog Institute to support Primary Health Networks (PHNs) working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations to co-design and co-implement integrated approaches to suicide prevention.

It is a supporting document to Implementing Integrated Suicide Prevention in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities: A Guide for PHNs (2018).

Both documents are intended as companions to the Centre for Evidence and Implementation and Black Dog Institutes’ 2017 LifeSpan Implementation Framework: Implementing Integrated Suicide Prevention.

A starting point for any organisation wishing to improve their Indigenous governance is to find out about the history of the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to listen to their experiences historically and today. Through building a relationship with the community, shared objectives can be established.

The Australian Indigenous Governance Institute has developed the Indigenous Governance Toolkit. This toolkit is an online resource developed for Indigenous nations, communities, individuals and organisations searching for information to build their governance. It covers all the basics – your rules, values, culture, membership, leadership, and decision making – and has many examples of ideas that work from other groups, tools to help you get started, and useful guidance to sustain your efforts.