Media Spokespeople

The Centre of Best Practice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention (CBPATSISP) works to reduce the impact of suicide in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities by promoting self-determination and culturally responsive programs and services.

The media is an important source of information and a powerful influence on public attitudes. Research in Australia and overseas has shown that the way the media report suicide and mental illness can influence public and private attitudes to these issues.

See Mindframe guidelines about issues to consider when communicating about suicide with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

CBPATSISP works with other individuals and organisations to encourage responsible, accurate and sensitive media representation of Indigenous suicide, including the support of a collective of Indigenous suicide prevention spokespeople from around the country representing a broad range of expertise, experiences and communities, to contribute strength focussed and evidence based commentary and reporting in the mainstream media.

It is important that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people talk about their own issues, particularly local people.  The following leaders have agreed to provide media commentary.

To contact spokespeople and for media enquiries please contact our main office on +61 8 6488 6925

Professor Tom Calma AO

Professor Calma is an Aboriginal Elder from the Kungarakan (Koong ara kun) tribal group and a member of the Iwaidja (Ee wad ja) tribal group whose traditional lands [...]

Professor Pat Dudgeon

Professor Pat Dudgeon is from the Bardi people of the Kimberly area in Western Australia. She is a psychologist and Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society. Pat is [...]

Tom Brideson

Over the past 25 years Tom has been active in mental health and health policy, social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB), clinical mental health care, suicide prevention, education and [...]

Adele Cox

Adele Cox: Chief Executive and Project Director NICRS Adele Cox is a Bunuba and Gija woman from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Adele works as an advocate [...]

Dr Mark Wenitong

Mark is from the Kabi Kabi tribal group of South Queensland. Mark brings extensive expertise and experience to the Council. Involved in both clinical and policy work throughout his [...]

Jacob Corpus

Jacob was raised in the small town of Broome and is a proud descendant of the Yawuru and Nyul-Nyul tribes of the Kimberley region. Jacob is the [...]

Tiarnee Schafer

Tiarnee Schafer is a proud Kalkadoon woman from Mt Isa and is currently living in Sydney working as a Human Resources graduate. She graduated with a double degree [...]

Rob McPhee

Rob is the deputy chief executive officer of the Kimberly Aboriginal Medical Services (KAMS) based in Broome WA.  His people hail from Derby in the West Kimberley and [...]

A/Professor Michael Wright

Michael Wright is a Yuat Nyoongar man from the Moora and New Norcia area of Western Australia, north of Perth. He has worked as a hospital-based social worker [...]

Judith Lovegrove

Judith Lovegrove is a Ngarrindjeri woman from South Australia and resides in Adelaide. She is currently the Metropolitan Senior Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) Worker for SA [...]

Tanja Hirvonen

Tanja is an Aboriginal Australian woman through her Mother who was born in Alice Springs. Her Grandmother is from the Barkly Tablelands region and Tanja's Great Grandparents are [...]

Leilani Darwin

Leilani is a Quandamooka woman, ancestral home is Stradbroke Island. Through her own lived experience and work within the sector, Leilani is a powerful advocate for Aboriginal and [...]